Legal Battle: City Council vs Local Conneaut Site

by yourmapper on May 28, 2009

Jeremiah Andrick over at the Cubicle Punk Blog has posted an interesting article about a city council in Ohio that sent a cease and desist letter (Page 1 and 2) to a local website. The site, called Everything Conneaut Ohio, is under fire because they post information about the city, and the council thinks the public might mistake the site for an official one.

While I can’t see how someone would think that “Everything Conneaut Ohio” is an official site, it also seems that there is some other bad blood going on here, since the site owner recently lost a bid to redesign the city’s own website. Regardless, does this hold any legal water? Can a city stop a site from showing information about the city, even if it is out of date like the council contends? I’ll be interested to see how the legal battle plays out, if there is one. But I can’t help but think the judge would throw this one out.

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