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June 2009

When you are mobile and on-the-go, you can search our maps, and access every single location on every map from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or any phone with a mobile web browser. Just point your cell phone browser to to start. Note that although these screenshots were taken on an iPhone, this version will […]

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The United States DEA has a National Clandestine Laboratory Register which shows locations of Meth Lab busts. They list the busts or cleanup sites by state, and they are paginated within each state. We decided it would be good to grab this data, geocode it, and turn it into a map instead of looking at […]

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Your Mapper Launched

by yourmapper on June 2, 2009

The public facing side of Your Mapper is now live! After a year of work, from the concept phase for the Netsquared N2Y3 Conference in San Jose, to the private phase that launched embedded maps and data management for the Louisville PVA, we are now able to launch the first face the public facing site […]

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