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by yourmapper on June 2, 2009

The public facing side of Your Mapper is now live!

After a year of work, from the concept phase for the Netsquared N2Y3 Conference in San Jose, to the private phase that launched embedded maps and data management for the Louisville PVA, we are now able to launch the first face the public facing site and show off some features of the Your Mapper platform.

Your Mapper Home Page

Your Mapper Home Page


Major Site Features Include:

  • National Scope – National, state, and local datasets for anywhere in the country
  • Feeds – Data feeds for any search you do, including KML, RSS, GeoRSS, XOMGL, CSV, and HTML
  • API – A robust API that allows developers to access all the maps and data to build their own applications easily and quickly
  • Embed Maps – Use our map builder to to take any of our maps, customize them, and put them on your website or blog, then track your hits with our reporting tools
  • On the Go – A mobile browser version so you can access all our data from anywhere, and lets you email mobile or desktop links of your searches
  • Bookmarks – Free accounts that let you bookmark, name, and share your favorite searches

Interactive Map Explorer

Interactive Map Explorer

Other Interesting Features:

  • A map can have millions of points of data
  • Each map has its own page, with ratings and comments
  • Each location on a map has its own page, with ratings and comments
  • The site detects your location the first visit, then remembers any changes you make for future visits
  • The map explorer only shows you the maps in your area
  • All our searches show only the closest points a location you choose, helping you navigate the large amounts of data and reduce visual clutter
Location Page with More Details

Location Page with More Details

Moving Forward

As you are using the site and our services, if you have any questions or concerns, please use our Feedback System. Here you can make public suggestions for the site, and vote on features that other people have suggested. And you watch our progress as we make the site better based on your feedback.

We hope you enjoy using Your Mapper. As an online news organization, we want to ensure that public data becomes truly public and available. Use our services to explore your home and workplace, share your results with others, and improve upon the work we have begun.

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