GovMapper: Getting City and State Government Data Online

by yourmapper on July 25, 2009

Your Mapper has launched a new site just for municipal and state government agencies called GovMapper. This site targets local government departments and explains to them exactly how the Your Mapper Platform can help them get their data online to their public simply, inexpensively, and lightning fast.

GovMapper: Government Maps for Your Citizens

GovMapper: Government Maps for Your Citizens

Government’s Problem

Government agencies are overburdened by Freedom of Information Act requests for data. These requests put a strain on their technical, secretarial, legal, and administrative staff members. And with the new federal push at for transparency and open data, these will requests will only increase. By making all of their department’s data available online through intuitive, interactive maps, they can save their budgets, and their taxpayers’ money.

GovMapper’s Solution

City, State GovernmentsGovMapper speaks directly to these needs by providing a simple method for getting data online and into a map on their website. A municipal agency can provide us a spreadsheet or datafeed, and we can provide the code to cut and paste the map the same day. And by leveraging the simple Open Municipal Geodata Standard, we make it technically easy for cities of any size to help their citizens.

From the Open Municipal Geodata Standard website:

TheĀ OMG Standard seeks to promote the free flow of information between government agencies and citizens by establishing a common set of technical standards for organizing and sharing public data.

More Information

The new site is meant to let governments instantly understand how Your Mapper can help them and help their citizens. Your Mapper will remain the public-facing website to let citizens across the nation access their town’s data.

From the GovMapper website:

GovMapper is a web-based solution for publishing your government data to your citizens. Our ad-free platform makes it inexpensive, lightning fast, and simple to turn your city or state data into dynamic, interactive maps for your website.

Explore more of the services, benefits, and demos at GovMapper, and encourage your local city officials to sign up so you can see data for your town online.

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