Map Key: Louisville KY Crime Reports

by yourmapper on July 25, 2009

The Louisville Metro Police Department tracks crime reports across the city’s metro area. Through Freedom of Information Act requests, we get these crimes and map each report since January of 2003, over 6 years of data! This makes it by far the most comprehensive crime map of Louisville Jefferson County crime available anywhere on the internet.

Metro Louisville Crime Reports

Metro Louisville Crime Reports

Louisville Kentucky Crime Report Map Details

The resulting map shows 99.72% of the 145,400 reported crimes across the city of Louisville since 2003. The rest were not able to be turned into Latitude and Longitude by any geocoder or even by hand due to address errors, typos, or non-specific addresses (like ‘Community at Large’). 52,746 unique addresses are shown on the map (some have multiple crime reports).

We hope this map can be a tool for citizens to use to find, track, and examine the crime happening in their neighborhood. People can use this tool, along with their own local knowledge, and report back to the police information that can lead to more solved cases and a safer community. We hope to see this level of transparency from all cities and police departments across the nation soon.

Crime Reports

Crime in metro Louisville, KY since Jan 2003

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