Dashboard Feature: Heatmap, Date Chart, Category Breakdown

by yourmapper on September 24, 2009 · 3 comments

Your Mapper has a number of new features and pages that we’d like to point out to you.  Most are related to slicing and dicing our large databases in different ways and presenting the results to you visually.  We’d like to know which features you like the most, so we can know which ones to expand upon.

The first of three new features we’d like to highlight is the Dashboard.


DC Crime Report Dashboard

DC Crime Reports Dashboard

Every dataset now has a new Dashboard page, which includes a summary of the dataset information, a heatmap showing the density of locations across the coverage area, a category breakdown chart which includes the number of locations in each category, a date chart showing the last 31 days of data per day, and a default address search box to get you started exploring the map quickly.  These pages can be reached by clicking on a map link on the home page, the browse list, or the location pages.


Dataset Heatmap

The heatmap shows location density across the coverage area of the entire dataset.  Each grid square is color coded from green to red, with red showing the densest areas.  An empty grid square within the blue line of the coverage area means there is no data in that part of the map.

Click on a square to see its details, and to show a link for more information. Clicking ‘Explore This Area’ will take you to the dynamic map centered at that location.

The granularity of grid squares is dependent on the number of points in the dataset, due to performance and data issue.  The less points in the dataset, the more squares we can display.  Some datasets have too many points to show efficiently in a heatmap, so these show a simple coverage area square instead.

Category Breakdown

categoriesThe categories for a dataset are shown sorted by most common.  Each shows the number of locations per category, the percentage the total, and a blue bar showing this percentage relative to the other categories.


Category Specific Dashboard

You can click a category to move to a page devoted just to that category.  This new page will show a category-specific heatmap, location count,  and date chart.

Date Chart


For datasets that have date information, a chart showing the locations per day over the last month is shown.  This can show you recent trends and data available.  Each day and month is clickable, taking you to an interactive map for that date range.

Your Feedback

Please let us know which features you find the most useful, and any ideas you have on expanding the functionality of specific features.  Eventually each of these will have their own page, but we need your help in prioritizing their development and making sure they meet your needs.  Enjoy!

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