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by yourmapper on September 25, 2009

Your Mapper has a number of new features and pages that we’d like to point out to you.  Most are related to slicing and dicing our large databases in different ways and presenting the results to you visually.  We’d like to know which features you like the most, so we can know which ones to expand upon.

The second of three new features we’d like to highlight is the Location List Page.  Previously, we highlighted the Dashboard.

Location List Page

Location List

Location List

Every dataset has a new page that lists every single location in the dataset for you to browse through.  It shows basic information about each location, including name, category, address, city, and state.  There is also a link to a full info page about the location, and a link to an external detail page if available.

Dataset Navigation

Dataset Navigation

The top of the page shows a summary of the map you are currently browsing, with links to other pages relating to the map.

When browsing a specific category from the Dashboard page, you can click over to see the list of locations in just that one category.

Unmatched Locations


Location Count

You can also browse a list of all the locations we were unable to match, or “geocode.”  Unmatched locations are ones that could not be placed on a map because of typos in the source data, invalid addresses, a location that is too broad, or missing information.  We provide these here for you to browse so you have access to all the information we have for a dataset.

Your Feedback

Please let us know which features you find the most useful, and any ideas you have on expanding the functionality of specific features.  Eventually each of these will have their own page, but we need your help in prioritizing their development and making sure they meet your needs.  Enjoy!

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