Programmable Web Lists Your Mapper API

by yourmapper on September 14, 2009

Programmable Web, one of the very first websites to catalog all kinds of map mashups and open APIs since 2005, has listed the Your Mapper API in its open database.

Your Mapper API on Programmable Web

Your Mapper API on Programmable Web

Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows anyone to grab any of our maps, locations, metadata, and more on-the-fly to create their own web applications and mashups.  This means that the data we collect is not just locked up in our database and our website.  It is available for anyone to use in their own websites by reading our extensive API Documentation.  Since we load and store all our data in the Open Municipal Geodata Standard format, we can automatically export it as XML, JSON, CSV, RSS, GeoRSS, KML, XOMGL, and HTML, or any new format that comes along.

And if you are a casual user, the API also lets you grab RSS feeds of your searches for your home page, KML files for Google Earth, or just CSV files so you can look at your results in a spreadsheet.

In fact, our API is so powerful, the maps and features of the actual Your Mapper site are built using the same API we make available to the public.  That makes the Your Mapper site a mashup that uses its own API!

Your Mapper Mashup on Programmable Web

Your Mapper Mashup on Programmable Web

One of our local affiliates, Louisville Metro Mapper, also uses the Your Mapper API to get most of the data for its maps.  Metro Mapper is listed at Programmable Web as a mashup.

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