Official Datasets Given Their Proper Respect

by yourmapper on October 28, 2009

There is a lot of data in the Your Mapper platform. Our datasets are collected by a variety of methods, from public data feeds, formatted and unformatted data, and through an official agreement with a city, state, or public entity.  Now there is a way for you to see which ones come from official sources, through official agreements with the originating data providers, so you know these datasets will always be 100% complete, accurate, and frequently updated.

Official Data Source

Official Data Source

Official data sources are highlighted in a number of places.  If they are shown in a list on the site, they will have a small Official Data Icon icon that you can hover over for more information, or click to visit the source site.

The map view (see Foreclosures example) of the dataset will have a vertical banner that has some more information and also links to the source. And the overview, datalist, detail, and mobile pages (see Home Sales example) will all have a smaller horizontal banner that provides similar information and source credit.


Source Credit

We hope this gives you, the user, a bit more information about the source data, and provides governments some more motivation to open up and share their data with Your Mapper and their citizens.

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