NYC BigApps Application Submission

by yourmapper on December 5, 2009 · 1 comment

The city of New York is following in the footsteps of Washington DC and San Francisco by opening some of their municipal data, and then creating a public application contest. They call it NYC BigApps, a play on “The Big Apple.”

NYC BigApps

NYC BigApps

Your Mapper grabbed two of the public datasets (restaurant inspections and service calls), converted the data to the OMG Format, and created maps, heatmaps, and mobile access to the data for the contest. Take a look at our submission.


Your Mapper App Submission

The app deadline is Tuesday December 8. After that there will be a public voting period, from December 15 to January 7, and we’d like your help in registering and voting for our submission. We’ll keep you posted and thanks for your support, especially all you New Yorkers! My family is from Queens, so I’ve got a soft spot for the Big Apple.

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