Finding Places: Rich Snippets for Locations

by yourmapper on September 22, 2010

Today Google announced that using Rich Snippets makes it easier for search engines like Google to properly classify your site, recognize and understand its content about a particular place, and make it discoverable to users based on geographic location.

We’ve added these hidden RDFa snippets to all the millions of place detail pages across the Your Mapper sites, making them easier for people and companies to automatically find, and preview in search engines. For example, on the property value page forĀ Actor’s Theatre in Louisville, KY, its user ratings automatically show up in Google’s searches, and look like this:

Sample Google Search Results

See for yourself what kinds of information we tag on this Goggle Webmaster Rich Snippets Testing Tool.

And when someone searches for the Drooling Dog on Google Maps, it would show on the map because we are making its exact location available too.

All this helps get more results on our site, then more users continuing to the source sites and extended details of a location in the official government website. We think it’s a great step for Google to take and hope it is more widely adopted

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