New Map: Kentucky Car Accidents

by yourmapper on October 27, 2010

We’ve gathered detailed car and motor vehicle accident reports from all 120 counties across the state of Kentucky and put them on an interactive map, a heatmap, a mobile phone version, and into our open API.

KY Car Accident Map

KY Car Accident Map

Each vehicle accident report popup shows you:

  • the type of collision
  • the number of killed and injured people
  • how many vehicles and police units were involved
  • if it was a hit-and-run
  • the date and time
  • cross streets
  • the weather and road conditions

You can also filter by 4 categories, which are fatal accidents, injury accidents, multiple vehichles involved, or single vehicle accidents. Right now we have all of 2010 loaded, and if there is enough interest, we will load 2005-2009 as well.

Kentucky Car Accident Map Details

The resulting map shows over 120,000 vehicle accident reports submitted by each city and state police department to the Kentucky State Police. Each report contains latitude and longitude by the reporting officers, which we estimate to be about 95% accurate, so if you see some points that aren’t correctly placed, it is due to inaccuracies in the local police department’s reporting. We converted the raw data into the Open Municipal Geodata Standard, which makes it easy for us to import it and automatically convert it to KML, RSS, CSV, etc for our users.

We hope this map gives some insight into the most dangerous intersections in your neighborhood. We applaud the efforts of the KY State Police to make this data open and accessible to the general public!

Kentucky Car Accidents Map

Ways you can use this map

Overview Overview: Heatmap, Categories, Date Chart
Browse Browse, Comment, and Rate Map
Browse Heatmap
Location List Location List
Mobile View on Your Mobile Device
Embed Embed the Map in Your Website
Developer API Use the Developer API to Grab the Data

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