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by yourmapper on April 20, 2011

Have you ever wanted to grab one of our maps and embed it in your website or blog post? Well now you can, and no account is required. Introducing our new Map Widgets.

Embeddable Map Widget

Embeddable Map Widget

We’ve been using these widgets on our sites and our clients’ for a few months, and now it’s opened up to the public. Using our point-and-click Widget Builder, you can choose map features and options and get the code to cut-and-paste into your site. And the widget’s width and height automatically fits your page, so no more measuring pixels.

Customizable Features

As you can see in the Widget Builder, you have control over many of the map’s features.  A few of them are to:

  1. pick your initial dataset and starting categories
  2. filter by date range and/or keywords
  3. choose a starting point based on a street address and/or latitude and longitude coordinate
  4. toggle map details, the location list below the map, and a list of other area maps

Great for Dynamic Pages

If you have a website with dynamic pages, like specific locations or neighborhoods, you can tailor the map to these pages automatically.  Just pass a new center address, specific categories, or a custom date range or keyword into the widget to generate an entirely new map.  Our Widget Builder code uses javascript and query string parameters, so you can substitute your own values on the fly (see an example on one of our detail pages).  Getting our data in your site is a great way to separate your real estate site, news site, or blog from others.

Reporting and API Key

In conjunction with the Map Widget, we’ve activated API keys in everyone’s account home page.   Using your custom key with your widgets is totally optional, but it provides 2 main features.  First, you can track daily, monthly, and yearly usage of your embedded maps with our API Reports in your account.  It will give you a breakdown of usage on any of the domains that you have widgets on.  Second, it will give you three times the standard free daily widget views (from 200 to 600 – above this and you’ll need a paid account with us).

Older Embedded Maps

Previously, to embed one of our maps on your site, you would have needed an account.  Then you would have created a map on our site and got some code to embed.  But if you wanted to make changes to the map, you’d have to log back in and update the features, then update your code again.  These older maps will continue to work, but if you want a faster map, with a list of locations below it, and with more features, you might want to upgrade your maps with our new widget code.

Feedback and Site Promotion

Let us know what you think of this new feature in our feedback area, and if you are using a map or widget on your site, let us know about it and we’ll make sure to feature you on our site!

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