Connecting to People in Government – With Your Help (and a Cash Bonus)

by yourmapper on June 14, 2011

Our biggest challenge to getting great public data online is forging a human relationship with the decision makers in local governments.  When we make a connection to the individuals in charge, we can show them the benefits of putting their data online and how easy the process is.

This connection to local government almost always requires a face-to-face relationship built over time, which is why we have decided to reach out to local citizens for help.

If you refer someone in your city government and they decide to map their data after talking with us, we’ll give you $25 to $75 once the map goes live.  A website called Referral Key makes this process easy and trackable.

Earn $25 - $75 by referring us to your local government officials when they map their data

Refer GovMapper to Your Local Government

We hope this monetary incentive will be more effective than just asking our users to talk to people in their local government, and provide a big Thank You to you!  Let us know if you have any questions or other ideas in the comments.  Thanks for helping to make our service even better, and for making public data truly public.

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