GovMapper is Awarded KSTC’s Kentucky Enterprise Fund Grant

by yourmapper on October 20, 2011

GovMapper has been selected by KSTC for the respected Kentucky Enterprise Fund grant this year!

Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation

Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation

GovMapper helps local governments get their data online for the public. This grant will help us reach more city and state governments across the nation, and show them how to open data for their citizens, promoting transparency and saving them tax-payer money at the same time.

More about the grant from the KEF website:

The Kentucky Enterprise Fund (KEF) is a state-funded, venture capital-like fund that invests in Kentucky-based seed and early stage technology companies. Companies seeking funding from KEF go through a rigorous due diligence process and are judged in terms of industry fit, return on investment, and potential for economic development.

Special thanks goes to Louisville’s local ICC office and the members of GLI’s Enterprise Corp for their guidance and assistance, and of course the members of KSTC who we have worked closely with during the application and interview process over the last few months.

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