Winner of Code for America Hack-a-Thon

by yourmapper on February 25, 2013 · 2 comments

This weekend, Your Mapper participated in the national Code Across America: A Week of Civic Innovation event, the Code for America Hack-a-Thon, and pulled in a first place prize!

The city of Louisville, the Mayor’s Office, Economic Growth and Innovation director Ted Smith, Louisville CIO Beth Niblock, and LVL1 hosted the event, organized by the Code for America fellows, Laura Meixell, Marcin Wichary, and Shaunak Kashyap.

Metro Government, in partnership with Code for America, is offering $10,000 in cash prizes for apps or computer coding ideas during an upcoming hackathon.
“The task is to design or prototype an app that helps improve the quality of life in our city,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “No idea is too strange or too bold. We want to see interesting ideas and innovation at work.”
Beth Niblock, the city’s Chief Information Officer, said people can be inspired by examining all the data that’s currently available in raw form at “We’ve got crime data, vacant property data, restaurant ratings, 311 data, air quality data, lost pet data and more.”
The event was packed, with 18 teams of 1 to 6 people each competing.  Frantic coding and conceptualizing happened from 9:30-3:30.  Then each team was given just 5 mintues to present their ideas, before being ushered out by the Final Countdown.
Second place went to Forest Giant for their bike path app, and third place to the Clean Up team for facilitating neighborhood cleanups.  See the City of Louisville website for more details.  There were lots of other terrific ideas and prototypes, so I’m sure the judging was difficult.

Using the Your Mapper API

Eric Roland and Michael Schnuerle used the Your Mapper API to pull city crime report data into the app.  The API made it easy to get the most recent data in a standard format that we could work with quickly.  If you are looking to add open government data to your app or product, please check out our API to make it painless and get up and running instantly.

The App

SafetyCheck is a mobile app that gives you a crime score based the number of crimes around your current location, and would be useful for city visitors, social workers, new police officers, city workers, and any residents moving around the city.
We think SafetyCheck can give visitors and residents peace-of-mind and access to detailed crime reports to help inform their decisions, help local police, and know their neighborhoods better.
We are finalizing the app and will let you know when it’s available in the Apple App Store.  We will support multiple cities across the US that have open crime data.

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