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Cross posted from the Metro Mapper blog.

The city of Louisville Metro has partnered with our government open data services and mapping company GovMapper to bring a daily crime incident reports map from the LMPD to the citizens of Louisville.

There are maps for every police division and beat in the city, with data updating daily.  The map customizations [...]

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We’ve gathered detailed car and motor vehicle accident reports from all 120 counties across the state of Kentucky and put them on an interactive map, a heatmap, a mobile phone version, and into our open API.
Each vehicle accident report popup shows you:

the type of collision
the number of killed and injured people
how many vehicles and police [...]

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Allowing the public and news organizations unfettered access to federal, state, and local governments’ non-private data is essential.  One good way to do this is to make the data available online, thus reducing the agency’s costs trying to manually fill individual freedom of information act requests.  However, this solution is not without its caveats, as [...]

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