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by yourmapper on September 25, 2009

Your Mapper has a number of new features and pages that we’d like to point out to you.  Most are related to slicing and dicing our large databases in different ways and presenting the results to you visually.  We’d like to know which features you like the most, so we can know which ones to expand upon.

The third of three new features we’d like to highlight are the Location Browser pages.  Previously, we highlighted the Dashboard and the Location List page.

Browsing Locations

Every state and city that has data now have their own pages.  Starting from the national level, you can browse datasets available and drilldown geographically to the state and city levels.  You can pop up to higher levels at any time with the Location Navigation.


Location Navigation

As you drill down you can see more targeted results.  At the state level, a list of cities with a map thumbnail is shown.


California State Page

One benefit of this that you can link directly to your city’s page, for bookmarks or when emailing a Your Mapper link to your friends. For example, the link to California is simply www.yourmapper.com/location/CA and a link to Ft. Worth Texas is www.yourmapper.com/location/TX/Fort-Worth

Your Feedback

Please let us know which features you find the most useful, and any ideas you have on expanding the functionality of specific features.  Eventually each of these will have their own page, but we need your help in prioritizing their development and making sure they meet your needs.  Enjoy!

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