UsefulTools Lists Your Mapper as a Tool of the Day

by yourmapper on October 5, 2009

UsefulTools, is “a web magazine for people who love web tools and apps,” and on Friday they listed Your Mapper as their featured Tool of the Day with the title “Local Data at Your Fingertips.”



Your Mapper Tool of the Day

Your Mapper Tool of the Day

They posted a detailed writeup of our services.  Here are some of their comments:

YourMapper is website where you can access helpful, informative maps about a particular area.

The information you can get from YourMapper depends on what is in the system for your area, but can include maps of local historic sites, maps of pollution sites generated from EPA data, meth lab busts, crime statistics, locations of known sex offenders, political information, bridge safety and more.

Even for my small town, I was able to pull information about local sources of pollution, local historic sites, and local meth lab busts. Good to know…

YourMapper also makes it easy for you to embed relevant local maps on to your own website, free of charge. Developers can also access the API to incorporate YourMapper into their own apps. The data on the maps is viewable on mobile phone browsers, also, so you can access it from wherever you are.

YourMapper is attractive and easy to use, and it’s cool that you can take their maps and embed them onto your own site. Competitor Everyblock offers a somewhat similar service, but only for major cities. As someone who doesn’t live in a major city, I appreciate the fact that YourMapper lets me access even the limited data available for my small town.

YourMapper would be useful for anyone planning a vacation or a move to an unfamiliar area, or who just wants to learn more about where they live

Thanks a lot, UsefulTools!  Great site.

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