Google Qualified Developer: One of 8 in the USA with a Qualification Certificate

by yourmapper on December 29, 2009

Google gave final official digital certificates yesterday to qualified developers who passed their rigorous mapping certification process.  Your Mapper is one of only 8 map developers in the United States to become qualified!

The icon indicates those developers who have passed the program and obtained their certificate.

The Google Qualified Developer program was designed to recognize Google API and developer tools experts, and to provide those in need of development support with a directory of trusted references.

Your Mapper scored 4,340 points on Google’s qualification areas, well above the 3,000 required to be certified.  There are 81 developers internationally (21 in the USA) who participate in the  JS Maps API program.  Of those, only 29 (8 in the USA) have become fully qualified as of writing.

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