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by yourmapper on December 8, 2009

We previously discussed NYC’s BigApps contest and our Your Mapper submission. Today we’d like to tell you about our second submission called NYC BigMaps.

NYC BigMaps

NYC BigMaps

This submission is a completely new website, targeted just to the citizens of New York, NY, much like Metro Mapper is targeted to Louisville, KY. It was built in only 3 days, using the free and open Your Mapper API and map embedding tools.

NYC BigMaps Site

NYC BigMaps Site

Please vote for this app in the public voting period from December 15 through January 7, along with our Your Mapper submission. For more details about the site, see its About page.

Adding More Maps

For this project, we focused on just two maps: Restaurant Inspections and 311 Service Calls. It would be easy to add much of the other data from the NYC Data Mine, once it was formatted correctly, including city events, parking facilities, property values, building permits, points of interest and trees. Each would have their own interactive map, heatmaps, and mobile app.

There is other data that we would also love to add that is not yet public. The Suggest a Dataset and Suggest an App areas of the contest covers most of these, most notably, crime. With crime data, we could create the oft-requested interactive heatmaps, filterable by category.

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