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by yourmapper on November 19, 2010

The Jefferson County PVA office in Louisville KY has been, for the last 4 years, a forward thinking government agency willing to use technology to help their citizens save money.  They have utilized bird’s-eye imagery internally to cut assessment costs, launched a terrific new website designed by VIA Studio, and have used property value maps to get their public data online in a visually impressive way.  Now they have updated to Version 2 of GovMapper’s embedded maps for more features, speed, and public data.

Property Values Map Jefferson County PVA

Property Values Map Jefferson County PVA

Of course the reasons for doing this are to increase their bottom line. By putting a public map on their site, and having Your Mapper link to them from our network of sites, they get more people using their site, which means more monthly subscriptions!

Every PVA, whether in a small or large county, can increase their subscription revenue immediately by mapping their property values.

  • Increase Revenue – More people will use your site when they see basic info on your map. This means more monthly subscriptions!
  • Increase Site Traffic – Our platform of sites link back to you for every property. Get subscription-interested visitors you never would have had otherwise.
  • Garner Voter Support – Excite your electorate by providing a visually engaging services at a net-zero cost.
  • Compliment Your Other Services – Our embedded map compliments, not competes with, your existing web services.
  • Respect – Citizens appreciate and respect transparency in their government.

Here is an overview of what’s new on the maps for our clients:

Location List
A clickable and sortable list of locations appears below the map.

Drag to Recenter
Drag the  “Y Guy” around the map to recenter at a new location. Or click the “use map center” button in the address area to use the center of the current view.

Export Options
Your current search data is exportable via the “more links” option at the bottom of the map. Some options are GeoRSS, KML, CSV, Google Maps, Emailing, and Mobile.

Quick Filtering
Clicking a category on the left of a map will automatically limit the results to that one category.

The center address, filtering, and export options are hidden by default to reduce clutter and help you focus on the map itself. They are available with one click if you need them.

Improved speed and rendering, both during the initial load and once the map is done loading.

More Data
In addition to property values, you can see foreclosures and recent residential home sales by clicking a dataset to the right of the map.

Tony Lindauer, PVA of Jefferson County, said this about our map service:

“The ease and speed of putting interactive property maps on our PVA site was astounding. The return on investment was immediate, and it would have taken us a few months of work to achieve a similar result. The maps keep people returning to our site, and display our property values in a visually engaging way.”

GovMapper will be exhibiting at the upcoming KY PVA Conference December 7-9 at the historic Brown Hotel in Louisville, and we are looking forward to showing off our revenue-generating maps to all 120 county PVA’s in Kentucky.

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